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In Southeast Oregon, you can still experience the beauty and solitude of wide-open spaces. Whether you're interested in bicycling, birding, fishing, hunting, photography, wildlife viewing, hiking, backpacking, four-wheeling or horseback riding, you'll find it all within minutes of Narrows RV Park.

Visit many outstanding area attractions

Malheur National Wildlife Refuge: The Narrows RV Park is located next to Malheur Lake and this refuge, a mecca for birdwatchers and wildlife enthusiasts. The refuge is part of the Pacific Flyway and offers 320 bird species, 58 mammal species and 10 species of native fish.

Steens Mountain: One of the great geologic features of Oregon's Great Basin Desert, Steens is one of the most scenic regions in the West, with peaks rising as high as 9,700 feet.

You can hike for miles through the spectacular Steens Mountain range. Diamond Loop: The 69-mile Diamond Loop Back Country Byway takes you through a patchwork of high desert terrains, from deep blue mountain vistas to red rimrock canyons. While on the loop, visit the small town of Diamond, the Diamond Craters, Hotel Diamond and the Peter French Round Barn.

Peter French Round Barn: Built in the late 1870s or early 1880s by its namesake, the unusually designed barn was perfectly suited breaking horses during long winters. A recently constructed Visitor Center offers exhibits and souvenirs.

Blitzen River: Correctly called the Donner und Blitzen River (German for thunder and lightning), the Blitzen flows through a narrow canyon laced with ponderosa pines and junipers, and sports a population of redband trout.The wetlands are home to hundreds of wildlife species.

Krumbo Reservoir: One of numerous desert lakes with excellent fishing, this 150-acre reservoir is located in the Malheur Refuge and contains rainbow trout and largemouth bass.

Kiger Mustang Viewing Area: The Kiger Mustangs are believed to be one of the purest herds of Spanish Mustangs living in the wild. Just talk with your hosts at The Narrows or call BLM for updates on where to find the mustangs.

Hotel Diamond: Built near the start of the 1900s, the Hotel Diamond has been carefully restored and renovated to offer modern conveniences in the middle of the ranching community of Diamond.See beautiful wildflowers blooming in the spring and summer.

Diamond Craters: The craters, found as part of the Diamond Loop, are a group of volcanic vents, craters, cones and more, all within a large caldera.

Alvord Desert: It's difficult to believe you're still in Oregon when you visit the Alvord Desert, located southeast of Steens Mountain, which averages seven inches of rain and supports almost no life.

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